Read The Warranty Details Carefully:

Warranty can claim only from Seller, no physical damage warranty (It is advised to video record while unboxing the package for future reference of any physcial damage warranty claim) like water spill, liquid spill, any other physical damageWarranty seal should not be broken on the laptop if it is broken warranty cannot be claimed.

Warranty terms: When You claim for Warranty we check it through any remote viewer software and we will guide you to do some basic troubleshooting steps if it doesn’t fix.  We go through to fix for any Minor issues we will provide you the replacement of the parts through courier to your physical address. Other major issues we arrange service at your nearest location, for the worst case motherboard replacment You need to ship the product to our company address. (Buyer need to bear the courier charges from buyer end or we can arrange our courier partner for doorstep pickup it may cost 500RS for courier charges).

Will I get Warranty Card along with Laptop?

Yes You will get a warranty card with seal and sign on warranty card, along with the laptop if you purchase laptop with seller warranty at the time of placing the order.

How long does the warranty cover for the battery?
We Provide original battery only for all the laptop you purchase with us, We provide 6 Months replacment seller Warranty for the battery and 1 year to 2 Years seller warranty for the laptop.

How to claim for warranty?

You can login our site and register a claim or contact us on our support number +91 814894813 to claim warranty.

How do you provide Warranty Service?

We have Pan India Service tie up with Supreme Computer Solutions for the service, if you have problem you should call us and we inspect the problem and arrange the service at your nearest location.

Can I claim for Physical damage warranty?

No!! You cannot claim for physical damage warranty like a liquid spill, water spill, burnt, high voltage damage, other physical damage display is broken or crack on display or display line, display patch, speaker damage, keys broken or any other physically damanged. 

How long does it take to fix the laptop on warranty claim?

It takes a maximum of 15 working days to resolve your problem in the warranty period.

Can I extend my warranty period after purchasing the laptop?

Yes, you can but you must extend the warranty period within Warranty period from the purchase of your order, We will check the laptop through any desk before extending the laptop warranty period.

Quality Check:

We maintain the quality on every single product, so we process 50+ quality check process on each laptop we provide the quality check sheet at the time of receiving the product to the buyer. Quality check will be going through by quality experts. Every single product processed on quality check section too we makes sure that buyer can get the 100% quality product.

How quality check works?

Our quality check team is very experts we maintain the quality team as 3 sections each section do their quality work and final quality team revise the check sheet before dispatching the product.

What is the 50+ quality check process?

Every hardware part is a single process likewise we check 50+ hardware and software functionality in the quality check sheet Like RAM checking, Harddisk Health, Processor health, Motherboard health, Display quality, Keyboard, speaker, touchpad, bios option, buttons, USB, Wifi, DVD, Webcam, LAN, Touch Screen, HDMI, Headphone Jack, etc.,

Will I get the original charger?

Yes we will Provide original branded charger for all the laptop you purchase from us.