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7300+ Happy Customers Across India

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Above standard customer service!! I ordered two and one came with a broken webcam. They responded right away and sent me out the new part with a link to a tutorial video!
Soumya Chakraborty
Lenovo ThinkPad T450-Kolkata
This is the second time I have purchased a refurbished laptop from this site. And it is again well worth the price. Starts up fast. No scratch. I recommend it over more costly, newer models.
Rupguha Sengupta
Dell Latitude E5400-Haryana
It's worth the price. The screen is not as big as it looks in the review pictures. It's compact. No scratch nothing and the OS is fast. Worth the price especially if its your first refurbished purchase.
Keerat Singh
Lenovo Thinkpad T420-Punjab
I received the phone in perfectly working condition. Love the phone’s crisp and sharp display.Among the Redmi series, this is the most glossiest phone. It is one of the best device. The display is full HD at this rate. the camera quality is awesome.This is also best for playing games like pubg . i play pubg an cod etc.The day to day performance is good.
Sukanya Borah
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 - Bangalore
Arrived in excellent condition. Dell Latitude e6420 is a 14-inch laptop that comes with Core i5 Processor With 4GB RAM upto 1TB HD. It has an excellent battery life of up to 10 hours. This laptop is really good for someone like me who wants to do work on the go and requires heavy graphics processing such as photo editing or video rendering.
Rekha Roy
Dell Latitude e6420-Kolkata
Very good product. Great experience. Worth buying value for money Best delivery & shopping experience, all courtesy of Techyuga.
Aarya Ambekar
Galaxy M20-Madhya Pradesh
We bought 40 Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 for our SGEM Academy and all of them were successfully delivered on time. Satisfied. Good products must buy
SGEM Academy
ROG Zephyrus-Chhattisgarh G14
Very powerful with pretty amazing battery life. A no brainer for any photographer or gamer to add it in their carts.
Saanvi Abhyasi
OnePlus 7T-Arunachal Pradesh
Bought 71 HP EliteBook 820 G1 for our institute. Affordable laptop for kids to do home works and online classes. These laptops are pretty light weight, about less which is convenient to move around.
Bright Future Academy
HP EliteBook 820 G1-Tamil Nadu
My goodness!! My Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i is here. My first laptop very nice. Totally satisfied.
Harshali Devi
Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i-Sikkim
No complains so far. Very fast and performs great. I had a 2014 MacBook Air and finally upgraded this year. This is leagues beyond that entry and I’m very happy with this upgrade
Ishani Das
iPhone 11-Kerala
I use this for home use, mostly watching Netflix, Amazon and occasionally social media & stuffs. My only regret is that it seems noticeably a lil bit slower than my last one, but I think that is due to this one having a HDD whereas my other one had a SSD. This doesn't take away from how well it was packed for shipping, and arriving in new condition at absolutely right time.
Rohan Basu
Lenovo Thinkpad T420-Chennai
This is a great device! My daughter chose this one for me when I needed a new laptop. At first, I was hesitating to buy a refurbished model, but she convinced me I would never be able to afford a device that was this fast and of this quality if it were brand new. Well, she was right. This is a great super fast device, and easy to navigate. You won't be disappointed with this amazing MacBook!
Tirthankar Pandey
MacBook Pro i5 processor-Uttar Pradesh
It wasn’t overly pricey to be honest and I feel it's a solid buy. Overall look is great and keyboard feel is nice
Dhruv Anand
MacBook Air A1466-Kerala
No complains so far. Very fast and performs great. I’m very happy with this MacBook Pro Core2duo.
Rahul Dev
Mac Pro Core2duo-Maharashtra
I love the color. The main reason why I bought this. I have no problems with it at all. Totally recommending.
Tamia Khatri
Dell XPS 7590-Rajasthan
A very satisfying experience with the device so far. This is an amazing smartphone, good speed, great specs and outstanding camera quality. The premium look is also attractive. Above all, the trust of company. Highly recommend it.
Ishaan Laghari
OnePlus 7 Pro-Delhi
I have always wanted a buy an iPhone but didn't have enough money. Then one of my friends introduced me to this site. And now here I am with Apple iPhone 7. Love it. Thank you Techyuga for my first iPhone. Awesome device. No problem so far.
Amar Patel
Apple iPhone 7-Bihar
This Lenovo Ideapad S145 is awesome! I'm thrilled with my new laptop and look forward to many years together.
Aarthi Agarwal
Lenovo Ideapad S145-Assam
I needed a new laptop desperately but wasn't sure if it is okay to buy a refurbished one. But thank god. Thank you Techyuga.
Shyla Patel
Asus Vivo Book 14-Goa
Best laptop I've ever owned and I've owned two earlier MacBook Airs, an iMac, and several windows laptops.
Tamia Reddy
MacBook Pro A1398-Odisha
So far I’m loving MacBook Pro Core i7 and basically this is just a MacBook that would be great for almost anyone. I'm happy with my purchase. I will probably give this to my dad when the new MacBook Pro comes out!
Vivaan Ojha
MacBook Pro Core i7-Delhi
If you are looking to upgrade your really old MacBook model you will love this. Worth every penny. Furthermore, the packaging is awesome and fast delivery service. It just shipped in almost two days. holy moly!
Priti Gulshan
Macbook Pro A1398-Karnataka
Faster, better, more battery. I mean come on. What's not to like. And frankly the price!!! Just go for it.
Deshan Pujara
Dell Inspiron 5408-Gujarat
I needed a new laptop desperately but wasn't sure if it is okay to buy a refurbished one. But thank god. Thank you Techyuga.
Shyla Patel
Asus Vivo Book 14-Goa
Best laptop I've ever owned and I've owned two earlier MacBook Airs, an iMac, and several windows laptops.
Tamia Reddy
MacBook Pro A1398-Odisha
It is one of the best smartphones that Redmi lunched in the respective price providing multiple features. It gives a tough competition in terms of price. This is one of the best featured phone i think. Loved the phone and it is in good working condition.
Suparna Kalita
Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro-Manipur
Seeing the price, I couldn’t resist myself from ordering it. This phone in this rate, is beyond imagination. I received the product in 100% original. No defect, works super fine and fast. This phone is for the ones who can handle it with an ease. This is the best featured phones, in affordable price. Thanks to Techyuga!. It’s working absolutely fine.
Pooja Agarwal
Xiaomi Redmi 7A-Himachal Pradesh
Samsung phones are best for those who wants quality phones for long lasting purposes. Who don’t like to keep phones changing. I loved the product received
Sakshi Das
Samsung Galaxy A31-Chennai
I received my product in a few hours ago. I am astonished to see the product received, with no physical distort in it. It absolutely looks like a new phone. I am super happy with this site. Loved it!!
Barkha Das
OnePlus 5T-Burdwan
As i am a gamer i am in love with the Refurbished Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro 64 GB i am satisfied with the functionality of it, Techyuga has helped me a lot for the choice i made.
Ankita Lal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro-Punjab
I like the design of the phone, a bright colourful display, pop-up selfie camera. It is the best phone to use. Loved it. I want to thank Techyuga for providing me vivo v15 at such a cheap rate. It is in proper working condition. This site is a genuine one and provides nice product.
Rimpi Banerjee
Vivo V15-Kolkata
Can’t believe to receive a Samsung phone only in 6,599. I am super happy with the phone. It is a good phone to use. The phone looks totally new and received in well packaging. The phone is working super fine and fast. It is one of the best featured phones among the affordable ones.
Dhriti Maibong
Samsung Galaxy M20-Mizoram
I loved this phone totally .The 13MP in-display Selfie camera comes with a huge number of features to help you adjust the background blur, AI Beautify, special effects, and short videos. An upgraded 5020mAh battery means more mileage.
Nita Jha
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9-Kerala
I received this phone last month it’s working finely. The Redmi Y3 sports a 6.26-inch HD+ display with an aspect ratio of 19:9 and a screen resolution of 720×1560 pixels. Thanks to Techyuga for this choice.
Rosy Dhor
Xiaomi Redmi Y3-Ahmedabad
Dell Latitude E6400 Refurbished Laptop come with Finger Print Sensor. I am so happy to buy this. Non-touch Display with Core 2 Duo Processor
Veronika Kakkar
Dell Latitude E6400-Vijayawada
I received a phone in good working condition. Thanks to Techyuga! I just felt in love with the look of the iPhone 8 plus .The silver colour is my favourite one due to it’s aluminium band finishes, the silver colour reflect light like the moon does on the night skies. It innovated ultra level of new features from the other models, with advancement in the camera by providing 12MP, that enhance the quality of image into extra level. It features body detection system. the best feature is the widescreen LCD Multi touch display with IPS technology. High speed and too fast.
Nivideta Bhattacharya
iPhone 8 Plus-Kolkata
Receiving high end iPhone’s in a budget friendly cost is money worthful. I have gone through many online sites that sells refurbished smartphones. Their prices was too high as compared to Techyuga. But, I found the prices of techyuga pocket friendly and so I ordered a phone from this site. I am totally satisfied with their service and product they delieverd to me. The product was in proper working condition. No defect found. Since,it is refurbished little stain was visible. Super fast and secure delivery. Received the product within a week. Happy with the techyuga!
Harsha Jaiswal
iPhone 8 -Lucknow
Very happy to buy Refurbished Apple iphone 11 comes with 64 Gb Ram , i am satisfied with this product a lot. Thanks to Techyuga for the service
Ganga Ram
iPhone 11-Nagpur
Very good value for money. I bought this phone for my brother on his birthday. He absolutely loved it and surprised. Till now phone is working pretty all right.
Sonia Kumari
iPhone 11-Thane
Very glad to receive this laptop T410 laptop is a computer that can be used for both personal and business applications while offering top-quality parts, fast Processor, and more.
Sneha Dey
Lenovo Thinkpad T410-Rajkot
I was excited to buy it.Great Performance, Longevity, and Security in a Well-Designed Package. This HP Compaq NC 6320 Core2duo Refurbished Laptop gives Premiere performance and ultra-portability Exceptional security, manageability, and durability.
Debarati Prabhakar
HP Compaq NC 6320-Ranchi
This Refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad 11e laptop with Fast Performance and Maximum Durability. Comes with Thermal Management features that reduce Power Consumption. Rugged and Durable laptop with Intel Celeron Processor.
Supriya Dawn
Lenovo ThinkPad 11e -Varanasi
Refurbished Dell Latitude E6230 Core I5 Laptop is excellent performance and whopping graphics clear and crisp display with excellent . The colour is my favourite.
Bindi Chanda
Dell Latitude E6230-Jodhpur
Refurbished Dell Latitude E5450 Laptop is awesome coming with 14 inch of screen. I am very happy uyer , so glad at its function-ability. Everyone must get it.
Nilima Dutta
Dell Latitude E5450 - New Town
WOW i am very happy to buy this product it came with huge screen. Refurbished Compaq Hp Nw8440 laptop is very awesome..
Paul Lal
Compaq HP NW8440-Guwahati
Amazing im out of speech been using refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad T520 came with Core i5 Processor,the diplay is really good comes with anti-glare screen. Battery backup around 8 hours easily. Buy go grab this soon.:)
Mahesh Shukla
Lenovo ThinkPad T520-Mysore
This Laptop totally is amazing i will recommend everyone to buy this. The battery back up is pretty nice, i am satisfied with the quality of it. I am very glad to keep on my desk it has 8 Gb ram.
Papai Boral
Lenovo ThinkPad X220-Jalandhar
Works as expected. Shipping was quick. Once again professional service from Techyuga! Not Surprised. The hardware is unbelievably solid, the speed is amazing
Highgate Academy
Lenovo ThinkPad X220-Aligarh
The operating system is working great. This is a brilliant choice ,Refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad X230 Core i5 and this is fast and amazing . The price is reasonable as well.
Siya Majumdar
Lenovo ThinkPad X230-Salem
Finally bought my favourite model Refurbished Lenevo Thinkpad X240 ,its 16 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB Ram and super fast and swift. Go hurry buy it. The offer made me buy this model.
Ginia Saha
Lenovo ThinkPad X240
It came along with 2gb Ram , refurbished MacBook Pro Core2Duo it has really made my work easier ,I am satisfied with the quality it has 1066MHz frontside . Techyuga has helped me choosing this brand, it became the best brand.
Arindam Das
MacBook Pro Core2duo-Salt Lake
In love with it’s great features the model Apple Macbook Air A1466 comes with 8 Gb Ram . My love for this model has increased due to great battery back up and huge Screen. Wow ! I love it .
Shamoli Barua
MacBook Air A1466-Gorakhpur
This is very latest and exclusive one, refurbished Mac Book pro Core i7 is my favorite . This is helping my work done in no time , it is worth the price. The processor is pretty awesome
Mohini Pal
MacBook Pro Core i7-Jalandhar
Wow , Lenovo ThinkPad X250 has arrived last day , i am enjoying this product features it is having 8Gb of Ram and big Screen. The video Quality has mad me crazy , its hardisk is 256gb.
Raya Singha
Lenovo ThinkPad X250-Lahore
This brought joy buying the refurbished Apple MacBook Pro I5 , i am very glad to buy it i am excited about his processor strength , i would suggest all to buy it. Wow , its too fast and awesome.
Tina Ray
MacBook Pro i5-Cuttack
The resolution and 326 PPI pixel density, Techyuga has been best brand i will insist everyone to buy from here. It’s iOS 8, upgradable to iOS 10.3.2 with 1.4GHz A8 chip 64-bit architecture processor, 1GB RAM, 32GB internal memory, and single nano SIM This Refurbished Apple iPhone 6 16GB has made my life and work smoother.
Sayani Pal
iPhone 6-Firozabad
It has striking features of Dual-camera 12MP with Night mode,I am very glad to purchase from Techyuga it has provided best service. It has Face ID for secure authentication in it A13 Bionic chip with third-generation Neural Engine and the fast smooth functions are making it look exciting.
Priya Ghosh
iPhone 11-Behala
Very large screen. Good experience while playing games and watching videos. Video Quality is also very good
Suraj Singh
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro-Amritsar
Best buy at this price! The display quality is amazing and I do not have any complaint with the camera too.
Amaan Sakroowala
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 -Jamnagar
Excellent phone under 10,000. Specially 18 watt fast chargers. if your budget is 10k u must buy it without any doubt.
Aman Singh
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8-Ulhasnagar
I am happy to purchase this product it came in good condition i kinldy recommend everyone to buy this product.This Refurbished Apple iPhone 6 16GB or 32 GB. It came at very reasonable price, i will buy again from Techyuga , this device is user friendly as well as used in Office.It has 1334 pixel effects and display is superb , you people must purchase from Techyuga
Megha Roy
iPhone 6-Dankuni
I am big time Apple laptop user, Techyuga has provided me best options to enjoy the laptop’s features. Core i5 Processor has been uber cool for the new age laptop user The Operating System macOS has standardised model. Very happy to buy it. I tell everyone to try purchasing a good product from here
Tania Dey
MacBook Pro i5-Kolhapur
Still can’t believe owning an iPhone at such less price. Not a single scratch on the phone, It works fine and has an awesome camera.
Riya Jaiswal
iPhone Xs Max-Ambattur
Owning a OnePlus phone was a dream come true for me. This phone is completely value for money
Ravi Tiwari
OnePlus 7 -Davanagere
This product is the best you can get at this price. It has all of these great features and specifications that make it worth every penny!
Arjun Kumar
iPhone 6 Plus-Bellary
The customer service is top-notch and the prices can’t be beat. This phone doesn’t have any difference in quality from an already refurbished one, making it a great buy at such competitive rates.
Rahul Singh
iPhone Xs-Bhagalpur
The phone is in brand-new condition and it has no less than the best camera I’ve ever seen. Owning an iPhone means everything to me; this thing feels like my dream come true! It’s great value for money as well.
Shobhit Pandey
iPhone 8 Plus-Rohtak
Its as per specification.. Packing is too good. Satisfied..Worth of money, ilove it.Good product for students as well as officers..
Avoy Pant
HP ProBook 6470b-Chandrapur
I was bit confused before buying refurbished laptop, but techyuga delivers me the better experience. Packaging was good, fast delivery. Design n build quality is great Display is really good..
Bidyut Agarwal
HP Probook 440 G2 -Nizamabad
It’s awesome product and it’s too stylish I’m so happy with this product Special Happy for my boyfriend gifted me. Nice laptop performance is so good. Battery backup also good. It’s suitable for all works.
Puja Bhadana
HP Pavilion x360-Ichalkaranji
Excellent product and best budget laptop to buy not only for gaming but also u can do high end programming. Laptop has great performance takes only 5-6 seconds to boot . Also there is nothing to worry about the product delivery it is very safe thanks Techyuga… Cheers!!!
Mahesh Kumar
HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop- Jalna
Mind-blowing product…Atfirst I was confused between new and refurbished. But at the end i ordered this product coz my brother suggested me. And now I am very glad to this laptop. Performance super cool and fast delivery thanks to Techyuga..
Dhanush Kaur
HP Laptop 15q-bu105TX-Sonipat
Good Laptop for College students as well as for normal use ! Easy to operate ! Easy to handle ! Aesthetic look ! Since it is 15.6″ laptop so have to compromise with its battery life little bit !! I liked it !! camera is average speaker is nice and keyboard is excellent overall 4.9 out of 5.
Binod Mishra
HP 15q ds0058TU 15.6-inch-Durg
I have been using the laptop for 20 days. It’s been great so far. Good battery backup. It gives up to 5hrs back up. The laptop is good and looks thin. Performance is good. I installed few software and it’s been running smoothly. No major sound issue observed as mentioned in other comments. It’s getting hot after some usage. I have another dell laptop which also produces the same amount of heat. So I don’t think it’s an issue..
Randip Singh
Dell Vostro-North Dumdum
Stunning display clarity, didn’t expect it when buying. Good Full HD Screen with warm whites, decent colours and passable contrast. Timely delivery, Great work Techyuga. Regarding Laptop , it’s absolute value for money. Multi dimensional product- good for computing, gaming and entertainment.
Sayan Paul
Dell Inspiron-Pondicherry
I’m working in a software company. I bought this laptop to do office work at home. Laptop is so good for every day work. I have been using this from last three weeks no issues until now… good job Techyuga👍👍👍
Prasant Saha
Dell XPS 7590-Ratlam
This is the first time I bought a refurbished laptop and this is my 3rd laptop. Nice product in budget range Overall Good product from DELL . Design is pretty good and sound quality also good .Overall Satisfied from Techyuga
Rohan n Anand
Dell XPS 7590-Anantapur
Good Performance Good picture quality and processing high speed sound quality perfected clear beautiful product and nice customer service of techyuga…
Soham Banerjee
Dell Precision M6700-Karimnagar
Received today delevered before 2 days. It’s working well.. No issues…Battery back up is very good,Screen is sharp and crisp. overall build quality is very good.Go for it.
Suman Tripathi
Dell Latitude E5400 Core 2-Rewa
This laptop is one of the excellent and finest product from Dell, I must believe that Dell did lot’s of research on all aspects of making this wonderful machine. The displays quality is very good and performance also. I’m happy for this wonderful machine…
Amit Debnath
Dell XPS 7590-Mirzapur
Very Good product , value for money. Its sleek, lightweight, easy to carry ,compact and beautiful. best laptop for online class, entertainment..
Bijoy Hazra
Dell Latitude 6410-Thanjavur
The display of this laptop is Wow.. So vibrant and accurate. Best device.. in terms of looks, performance and money..Nice product and thanks techyuga.
Priyanshu Sen
Dell Latitude 6410-Uluberia
This laptop is one of the excellent and finest product from Dell, I must believe that Dell did lot’s of research on all aspects of making this wonderful machine. The displays quality is very good and performance also. I’m happy for this wonderful machine…
Amit Debnath
Dell XPS 7590-Mirzapur
Very awesome laptop for daily use. Best for students and personal usage. Look is attractive and specifications are best in this range.
Krish Mahapatra
Dell Inspiron-Singrauli
When I received this laptop, it was stuck in boot loop, had to format it myself. I wonder how did they do so called 40 plus quality checks when it wasnt booting at all. Secondly, I recieved charging adapter without power cable, had to purchase it separately! I have been using this product for last 10 days and its working fine.
Dell Latitude E6400-Mahbubnagar
I ordered for the iPhone X, after looking its ad on Facebook and checking out all the specifications, received it today. So far it looks great and is working just fine. Thank you Techyuga, i will surely recommend you to others. But i request to please provide other variants as well, please.
Saikat Biswas
iPhone X-Dibrugarh
I had ordered this as part of my Work from Home schedule just before lockdown. Got it in sale for 44000/ ,its a good deal. I am fully happy and satisfied with its performance. Thanks techyuga
Souvik Saha
Dell Inspiron 7000-Panchkula
It’s an excellent laptop with super fine screen, the most beautiful part of the whole laptop is it’s crystal clear screen with minimal bezels. The body of the laptop is also very sleek and stunningly beautiful. The configurations are awesome.
Shreya Palodhi
Dell Inspiron 7000-Pallavaram
No heat, long battery, smooth performance, nice build quality. We use it for coding and learning. No issues so far. As expected from Techyuga
GVS Infotech
HP ProBook 430 Core i5-Malda
I ordered it in sale and in first view i liked it. Its design and performance is really good.I think it is better than other processor. screen quality is also good. I bought it for 4-cell Li-Ion Battery, its a important things of a laptop.
Snehasish Gupta
Dell Inspiron 5408-Haldia
I’m reviewing this after 14 days of usage. I have bought the black color and Yess it’s really a good choice. The Built quality is really really very excellent, it’s made up of Hard Plastic of premium Quality and yes it gives you a Classy feel. Dell has given 720p mp Camera and it’s camera quality is really really very good
Soumyadip Paul
Dell Inspiron 5577-Deoghar
I gifted it to my wife on our 7th marriage anniversary. she was impressed when see first look!! really look is awesome and colour also. Valuable money,camera performance is very nice.
Somtirtho Das
Dell Inspiron 3493-Madhyamgram
I was bit confused before buying refurbished laptop in online, but techyuga delivers me the best experience. Packaging was good and fast delivery.
Nikhil Kar
Dell Inspiron 15 5570-Bhiwani
First of all thanks to techyuga.Dell Laptop is so good for every day work .i have been using this from last three weeks no issues untill now. Battery is around 7 hours while normal use not gaming (medium brightness). Overall its a good product.
Prasad Maity
Dell Inspiron 15 5558-Berhampore
I bought it for my daughter for online classes. This laptop looks awesome and it’s too stylish. one more good things is this product value for money.
Gautam Sengupta
Dell Inspiron 15 5559-Ambala
This is my second laptop and first time i went for hp. Gorgeous Display, Excellent Build Quality. I would like to buy another one for my brother. thank u techyuga for this excellent product.
Suvendu Sharma
Compaq HP NW8440-Raebareli
I’m very happy coz this is my first laptop. its looks very pretty. Easy to carry around , getting decent battery while casual browsing and video around 6-7 hours. The performance is superb and the build quality is awesome. Thanks TECHYUGA for your amazing service and fast delivery. I really appreciate it.
Mou Adhikary
Dell G3 3500-Fatehpur
This asus vivobook laptop features a portable and slim body with a 14.0-inch (16:9) form factor. I can carry it along easily. Thanks techyuga for your amazing service and fast delivery. I really appreciate it.
Arup Biswas
Asus Vivo Book 14-Bahraich
Best laptop at this price. display is very awesome, no color shifting even in outdoor. I’m completely satisfied with the product….
Bikram Sinha
Asus ROG Zephyrus G14-Orai
The only model with all the features of Laptop and Desktop. Apple technology is great to work in music and creative field. Every one who wants to try something new should have this one at least… Great value for money! tnx techyuga
Sourav Patra
MacBook Pro i5 -Vellore
Apple Mac Book awesome product and it’s genuine. I’m happy that Techyuga delivered my order one day before. Thank you techyuga for making my birthday special
Rahul Singha
MacBook Pro i5-Danapur
I have been a long time Mac user – from 2008, to be precise. Product is great and received in original packing. thanks techyuga
Arnab Dixit
MacBook Pro i5-Serampore
Excellent processing, elegant design. I am using this laptop for the last two days without a single glitch in it’s performance. This is a great product by apple and excellent refurbished by techyuga.
Neha Sharma
MacBook Pro Core i7-Jaunpur
Gorgeous phone at very reasonable price and nice looking. everything runs so well in this phone and what a built quality and finish…And thanks to techyga.
Ganesh Chowdhury
iPhone 8-Shivpuri
iphone x is value for money.I will recommend you to buy this product though the price is on the higher side but it looks and design make a perfect combination. Techyuga delivery is simply amazing.
Gourav Bera
iPhone X-Alappuzha
This laptop as my first laptop with my first earnings. The packing was fantastic, macbook feels very rich no doubt and it has its own fluidity.Battery life is damn good. The most stunning feature is the display.this laptop such a wonderful laptop.
Sayan Chahar
MacBook Air A1466-Chinsurah
Thank you techyuga! I’m so happy rather proud to claim that techyuga is the most genuine and trusted e-commerce site. As expected iPhone 7 is amazing and Display is absolutely stunning.
Biblob Mukherjee
iPhone 7-Kottayam
Excellent & Awesome Mobile fully I love it mobile. Touch is so so so smooth. Absolutely no sign of lag whatsoever. Don’t wait take it.
Ajay Roy
iPhone 6-Machilipatnam
I bought this phone for my sister as a rakhi gift. She loved it. A good purchase.
Siraj Adhikari
iPhone 6-Shimla
Bought 101 HP ProBook 6450b laptops. Good laptop for students, not a gaming laptop. Screen clearity below par.built quality is excellent. Over all excellent for light use
RTC Inc.
HP ProBook 6450b-Proddatur

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