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Our Goal As A Company Is To Provide Support, That Is Not Just Great But Revolutionary
Our mission is to give customers like you a better, tailored shopping experience that fits seamlessly into your daily life.
An experience that makes it easier to get your essentials, so you never run out when it counts.
An experience that inspires you as you search, helping you find what you need too.
Every day can sometimes be overwhelming, but getting what you need shouldn’t be.

About Our Online Store


Techyuga is a renowned online e-commerce marketplace which sells refurbished Laptops. All the products that gets sold in Techyuga undergoes various kinds of quality check and we even  provide quality assured product. Techyuga as a brand is a huge platform which lets customers to explore different categories before proceeding toward their final purchase. As we provide quality assured product the customers need not to be worry about the quality check and can purchase without hassle.   

Assurance and Services that are being provided

  • Our Technical Team undergos 40+ quality check of every product and  then gets them ready for dispatch.
  • Quality Assured Products
  • 24/7 logistic support team that are always active and are ready to help
  • 10 days easy return policy
  • We provide our service all over India
  • Free pickup and drop along with doorstep service
  • Complete Transparency in Transaction 
  • Customer care support (Tele-calling, Whatsapp and Email)

Advantage for the buyers

As Techyuga is a renowned brand and is known all over India, buyers can easily trust us as we have formed a brand name and has already served more than 50000 customers those are loyal toward Techyuga. They get to choose between a huge variety of products at a reasonable price. All the products are quality assured and goes under multiple testing before it gets dispatched. We also have different kind of payment options so that the buyer does not face any kind of difficulty while doing transaction. 

The products that we sell

Techyuga is a well known certified Brand famous for their services and products throughout India. We sell refurbished Laptops throughout India which are second hand products. These products undergoes 40+ quality tests so that it gets new and gets into perfect working condition.

 The products gets tested by our Market certified tech team before assuring them. These products undergoes severe minor changes to make the product work smoothly and make it appear new. The defected parts gets replaced by new OEM certified parts and then gets sealed for dispatched. All the products are fully assured and are transformed as new as one can get.

Reason of selling refurbished laptops

Techyuga is always concerned about the customers wants and value of buying new Laptops at a lower price without compromising its quality. Therefore we have formed this stage where we sell refurbished laptops and customers can easily buy their choice of laptops at a much lower price and need not to worry about the quality as we as a brand known how to take care of customer satisfaction.

How is Techyuga different from OLX, Quikr and others?

There are a number of factors that makes Techyuga different from any other website selling refurbished Products

  • Used devices that are sold on Techyuga undergoes Quality Checked process by Market certified Technical Team unlike OLX & Quikr before dispatching to our respected buyer
  • Techyuga carries 12 months warranty for each and every Laptop that we sell to our customers unlike OLX & Quikr
  • Techyuga has a fully integrated support team to deliver to any location within India unlike OLX & Quikr
  • OLX & Quikr are mainly a platform for advertising rather than taking any kind of role in selling or buying process. This doesn’t happen with Techyuga as our main motive is to sell refurbished Laptops to our customers.
  • Techyuga guarantees complete satisfaction and peace of mind about the product. This is not the case with OLX & Quikr as they have no means of reassuring either the seller or buyer.
  • Techyuga offers 10 days return policy which does not happen with OLX or Quikr
What Else We Do

Laptop & Smartphone Repair Across India

We provide chip level laptop and smartphone repair across 21000+ postal codes in India.

Business Support

We provide chip level repair outsourcing service for many small businesses across India.

Laptop & Smartphone Repair Training

We provide repair training for laptops and smartphones via Online and Offline mode across the globe.

Shop Repair Parts & Tools

We sell repair components and tools to businesses and consumers across India.