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There is nothing to worry about the shipping of your purchased products from Techyuga. We are tied up with numerous courier and delivery services to increase our reachability in urban and remote locations. Our reachability towards free shipping is quite high as compared to other online stores and currently we are providing free shipping in more than 26, 000 postal areas. We provide hasslefree cash on delivery service anywhere in India. 

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All the laptops/products which we sell on our website undergo 40+ quality testing parameters to ensure that you get the best products. Hence, you can buy any product you like on our website without worrying about it's quality. Also note that, before shipping all the products goes under inspection and are all well tested before going out of our warehouses. 

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Never bother and get worried to get service from us. As a pioneer in repair industry, we work with an objective to provide complete repair service and warranty at minimal cost. Techyuga is associated with thousands of customers in all over India and we are highly privileged to provide complete repair service on Refurbished laptop. We even guarantee you that the cost of repairing an out of warranty refurbished laptop will be much more reasonable as compared to the costing charge of local stores.


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Buy Refurbished Laptops Online In India From Techyuga

Buy Refurbished Laptops Online in India from the biggest collection of refurb used laptops hailing from the top brands of the world from Techyuga. Buy the best selling refurbished Laptops in India or second-hand used or preowned laptop in India that will not only suit your need but with our huge discounts. Our Refurbished laptops price also vary and we have a wide range of budget-friendly refurbished laptops as well as high end refurbished laptops.

What Is A Refurbished Laptop?

Refurbishment is the distribution of products like laptops and smartphones that have been previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons. If you are wondering about the refurbished laptops meaning then to lay it simply there are two types of refurbished laptops the former Factory Refurbished Laptops are those Laptops that are returned to the seller because of some manufacturing and functioning defect. The seller then repairs and fix the laptop again under the industrial standards. Once the device is up and running, it is then again sold in the market. So yes they are Branded and once the faults are repaired a refurbished laptop becomes indistinguishable from A Brand New Laptop.
The second type of Refurbished laptops is those that are second hand laptops or preowned or used laptops. These used second hand laptops are sold or exchanged by consumers with a retailer who then sends it to the manufacturers for refurbishing. These used laptops are then cleaned and repaired and finally send to the market for reselling.

Difference Between Factory Refurbished Laptops and Second Hand Used Refurbished Laptops.

The term refurbished laptop is still unclear to most people and they believe, just because these laptops are not sold in a showroom they are not “First Hand Laptop.” While this is true to some extent and the term refurbished laptop and second-hand or used laptop is used interchangeably but still there is a thin line of difference between both types of refurbished laptops. One type of Refurbished Laptop is the Factory Refurbished laptop that is returned to the manufacturer due to some manufacturing defect. The second one is the second-hand or used laptop that is again refurbished for selling in the market.

Here Are Some Differences Between A Used Laptop And A Factory Refurbished Laptop:

Unlike a second-hand used Laptop which comes from a particular user who has used it for a substantial amount of time, a Factory refurbished laptop comes straight from the manufacturers or the Brands– say for example Dell, HP and so on. Usually, in such cases, the manufacturers disassemble the machine, part by part, clean it, sanitize it, check and repair each internal components thoroughly before putting the machine back together again in a Brand New form.

Secondly, the most obvious one. In case of a used laptop, you won’t be the new owner, rather it would be pre-owned. A certified Factory refurbished laptop tends to last longer than used one since it has already been used for a substantial amount of time by the previous owner. But this depends on how old the used laptop is. If you buy a 1-year-old used laptop it should work fine in the coming years.

Lastly, A high quality refurbished laptop bought from a trusted Retailer like Techyuga will have minimum to no faults at all, unlike a second hand laptop bought from small retailers which might have a lot of faulty issues and are not repaired correctly.

Why Should You Buy Refurbished Laptops

In a society where quality is of the utmost priority buying a refurbished laptop in place of a “Brand New One” can appear absurd for some. Before you buy refurbished laptops, you should know why you need to buy factory refurbished laptops India. However, buying used refurbished laptops online in India can also have certain benefits which are mentioned below:

Refurbished Laptop Are Cheaper In Price

It is not always a feasible option to buy a brand new Laptop as laptops are very expensive devices. Therefore there are many people who go for second hand laptops which are renewed and modified or s]used laptops which are certified refurbished. Especially, if you are a student with bare minimum pocket money then getting a high quality certified used Refurbished Laptop at a low price can be a good option to save some bucks. At Techyuga we an assortment of best budget refurbished laptops in India that you can buy online.

Buy Refurbished Laptop with Warranty

People often get confused with second hand laptop and the refurbished laptop. In most of the cases many people consider the Refurbish laptop and the Secondhand Laptop in the same category. To clarify the differences, in refurbishment, laptops are sent to the manufacturers or to the vendors to put the device for diagnosis. In case, if any defect or issue arises occur after diagnosis, the defectives are replaced with genuine parts of the brand. In contrary to that, the second comes with no warranty and it is not been diagnosis at the manufacturing unit. Techyuga is selling refurbished laptop from long time and many customers are happily buying refurbished laptop as it comes with a warranty from Techyuga. The products are passed through several quality and technical tests to fulfill quality criterion. Each product is tested precisely to make our service distinct from others in terms of quality.

Buying a refurbished laptop would be a great option rather than buying a secondhand one. Techyuga has the collection of best refurbished laptop in India. We are aligned with different manufactures for supplying best refurbished laptop in all over India. Techyuga provides warranty on each and every refurbished laptop to make the customer happy and satisfied with quality service. You can get best quality refurbished laptops of different brands at Techyuga with home delivery assistance. Techyuga is the one place online store for buying refurbished laptop with warranty in India.  Buying a refurbished laptop with warranty can cost you less as compared to buying a new one and even you will get warranty on every refurbished laptop which will make you less bother in case if any issues occur. The probability towards the rise of any defect and issue on Refurbished Laptop is very minimal because it comes with a warranty. Techyuga provides long time warranty of Refurbished and it is the best refurbished laptop selling store in India. Techyuga is always in the service to provide the best support and assistance on your every purchase.

Buy Refurbished Laptop with Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery is always comes first while buying any product from online store. You can Buy Refurbished laptop with Cash on Delivery Option from Techyuga. We always think from the customer perspective to make our service more convenient for you. Many online stores do not provide Cash on Delivery Option on Buying a Refurbished Laptop. The option of cash on delivery on Refurbished laptop can be avail at all the major cities in India and also in the remote locations. However, this is to note that in order to reduce false COD orders & reduce huge Courier charge, We charge 5% of advance payment in case of COD payment. You can pay the rest upon delivery of your product.

Factory Refurbished Laptops are Better Than Used Laptops But Are Cheaper Than New Laptops

Only Used Laptops are cheap and so are the Refurbished Laptops. However, the biggest difference between the two is in terms of quality. While the former ones are not repaired and refurbished by the factory. So it usually is of poor quality. Refurbished Laptops are passed through hundreds of quality checks and are repaired thoroughly thus making them almost like a new Laptop but at a much lower price.

Tips For Buying Good Refurbished Laptops Online

If you decide to buy refurbished laptops online in India. Here are certain things that you should keep in mind before choosing the best-second hand used Refurbished Laptops Online in India.

  • Buy from a Reputable Refurbished Laptop Seller
  • Check the laptop for any defects that weren’t listed by the seller.
  • Look for a warranty
  • Compare Prices of Refurbished Laptops before buying one
  • Compare Performance of Refurbished Laptops to Similar New Models

Once all this is done you can finally proceed to purchase the best Refurbished Laptops online in India.

Why Should You Buy Refurbished Laptops From Techyuga

Techyuga offers the widest range collection of best selling refurbished Laptops or used laptops in India at a much lower price. Techyuga sells used refurbished Laptops for all your purpose, from all the brands you prefer and all the types of Configurations you need.


We sell used refurbished laptops from top Brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple (Macbook), Acer, Asus, Samsung.


At Techyuga we have a huge collection of Laptops consisting of various kinds of processors like Core i5, Core i3, Core i7, Pentium Gold, Pentium Quad Core, Ryzen 5 Quad Core, APU Dual Core E1, APU Quad Core A12, APU Quad Core E2, APU Quad Core FX, APU Dual Core A4, APU Dual Core A6, APU Dual Core A9, APU Dual Core E2, APU Quad Core A6, Atom, Atom Quad Core, Celeron Dual Core, Celeron Quad Core, Core i9, Core M, Core m3, Pentium Dual Core, Ryzen 3 Dual Core, Dual Core.


We also have Hard Drives of various configurations and memory spaces such as 320 GB, 500 GB, 512 GB, 750 GB, 128 GB, 128 GB SSD, 160 GB, 180 GB SSD, 256 GB, 256 GB SSD, 1 TB, 2 TB.

Buy Refurbish RAM online in India

Buying a brand new RAM to increase the RAM size of your laptop or PC will make you cost very high. RAM that comes with lifetime warranty are pretty much expensive and buying such will bring to a deal of loss. A clever approach would be to buy a Refurbished one and you can buy a refurbished RAM online from Techyuga rather than visiting local stores. We are making the service more reliable and convenient to deliver Refurbished RAM at your doorstep. Techyuga has collection of different brands of RAM which comes with a warranty. So, we are giving a platform to all customers of India to buy a refurbished RAM with warranty.Learn More.


You can also choose the best selling refurbished laptops of various operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Mac OS, Linux/Ubuntu, DOS

Refurbished Laptops for business

Refurbished Laptops are cost efficient and can save a huge amount of money. Refurbished Laptops are way different from a second hand Laptops as refurbished Laptops goes under a hell lot of test before getting approved to sell. Refurbished Laptops can also be said as a brand new Laptop because the faulty parts gets replaced by a certified OEM Parts and then gets sealed for dispatched. Even if one buy refurbished Laptops a 12 month warranty has been given and also 10 days return policy is also offered for buyer satisfaction. A brand new Laptop can be easily replaced with a refurbished Laptop and can serve equally as a new one.Learn More

Refurbished Laptop With COD

Buy Refurbished Laptop With COD ALL Over INDIA. Learn More


Shop for the best-refurbished laptops at low price in India Online. Techyuga has used laptops of all prices, you can find various Laptops under 15000, Laptops under 20000, Laptops under 25000, Laptops under 30000, Laptops under 35000, Laptops under 40000, Laptops under 45000, Laptops under 50000.


You can also find various devices that are compatible with your various needs. We have laptops for Everyday Use, Home & Entertainment, Regular Office Work, High Performance, Gaming use. Find some of the Best Selling Refurbished Laptops on our website for your needs.

Our List Of Best Selling Refurbished Laptops To Buy As Of May 2020

Refurbished Dell e5440 Ultraslim Laptop Online 8GB RAM
Refurbished Apple MacBook Pro-15 inch I5 Processor 8 GB RAM
Refurbished HP EliteBook 840 G1 Laptop  16 GB
Refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Laptop  8 GB
Refurbished Lenovo X1 Carbon Laptop 8GB 
Refurbished HP EliteBook 8560w 8 GB
Refurbished Apple MacBook Pro-13 inch I5 Processor 8GB
Refurbished Lenovo T430 Thinkpad 4 GB 
Refurbished HP ProBook 6470b 4 GB 
Refurbished Dell e6420 Laptop 8 GB

With Fast shipping and huge discounts over the already reduced Laptop cost, Techyuga offers the best high quality certified refurbished Laptops and second-hand used laptops from top brands at a minimum cost. We ship our products all over India and with over 1,00,000 devices already sold, we provide our customers a quality assurance like no other. Therefore, you can buy refurbished laptop online in India from Techyuga to get the biggest discounts at the quality so premium that your Refurbished laptop will feel like a Brand New factory Laptop.